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Midwest Chattel Inspection Services

Complete Farm Chattel Inspections and Appraisals

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Midwest Chattel Inspection Services

Simplify Your Chattel Inspections



Midwest Chattel Inspection Services was developed to provide the agricultural industry in Minesota, Iowa, Kansas, Wisconsin and other surounding states with an independent and unbiased third party grain, livestock and equipment inspection and appraisal service. Ag lenders today are looking at increasing their lending services to producers, yet they want to ensure their financial interest in the farming operation is secure. Midwest Chattel Inspection Services can provide lenders, agricultural businesses and their clients throughout the midwest with the tools they need to make smart and secure lending decisions.


Midwest Chattel Inspection Services conducts agricultural inspections for a wide range of personal and professional needs. We perform inspections that are commonly utilized for financing and loan packages, inventory reports, leases, audits, donations and many other business and personal needs.


The types of agriculture chattels we inspect include all types of grains, beef and dairy cattle, swine, sheep and all types of farm equipment including grain handling and storage facilities.


With over 30 years of agricultural related experience, we are committed to a standard of excellence in all areas of client services. We are dedicated to providing superior service to all clients. All will be served with courtesy, respect and compassion which communicated a desire to meet your needs.


Our mission is to make sure our clients receive the most accurate information that will support their business needs.  We use the most current and up to date sales and auciton data to support our appraisals.


Midwest Chattel Inspection Services will customize inspections and or appraisals to meet your needs.  We will provide cost estimates for each inspection/appraisal to ensure you understand the services we will be providing and the cost to complete your inspection/appraisal.


Contact us to discuss your inspection and/or appraisal needs.


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Midwest Chattel Inspection Services


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